just watched ‘Snow white’ by ballet preljocaj tonight, i’m so impressed by scene selection and presentation, and what’s the key here’s the costumes by Jean Paul Gaultier, which tells quite a different story from our imagination, or in other words i may say, tells more than the story we could imagine, while reminds in the ‘costume’ section nicely

here comes the queen

the other dancers, they’ve all got totally different but detailed costumes

originally i doubt why the prince’s having such a pair of trousers differ from the men in the set, and then i found out this is not only giving clean to movements by him, it can also make the prince’s legs look longer (though it’s long orginally) and the movements look more beautiful comparing in other forms (if not in high waist forms)

and here comes the final one that really makes my heart melt which appears at the last scene

you see how beautiful the tassels are! while you can also imagine how beautiful when it moves (/ she moves), there are tassels EVERY LEVEL, and this is how you are convinced this is a snow white that no man can resist her, the irresistable snow white, the sexy one, in a classic outfit, it’s deigned since 2008, and i believe you can still see how fashion takes place on stage of art, and Gaultier’s definitely had a sound in there (don’t forget those always-in-style outfits in ‘the fifth element’)