well originally i’m not thinking to put up cannes photos or here , but now, as we see, i’ve changed my mind

but the focus is shifted,

maybe start with those i comparatively like first


wow, 2 only! out of  all the photos  i’ve seen,

the pink armani’s  lovely but as well as decent, elegant  for blanchett,

and jason wu’s in the right red carpet weight,

here comes those i feel horrible with, well if not horrible, they’re not nice


does she need an iron??????

what happened??

the fabric seem went through a big fight! but just arrive in time at cannes! you can’t even focus on her face

it is not in a good way dizzling …

it is ‘any-OL-could-have’ dress!!

ok but the reason why i still have to post about cannes is for ….

fan bing bing drew quite much attention from the red carpet dress even we may not be paying THAT much attention to her beautiful face in movies, or her acting (well not for me maybe)
this is her arrival with valentino dress, this color’s nice and lovely, however the weight at the bottom with ruffles, don’t know why makes me feel like her hips are huge… but it’s probably the ruffles’ effect


i think it’s eye catching, but it’s not nice. that’s all
but probably it’s the best way to shift the whole dragon pattern?

what’s interesting about this is how fashion on red carpet sometimes defines you, as you dress as you are(?) and implies who you are too, especially to what level you’re up to
see the reports


bing bing goes international, with her dresses on top of the red carpet fashion award exact page,

and another  report 5天7套衫

Edward lam’s writing a ‘fashion politics‘ out of her inspiration, though i can’t catch his point at all

isn’t it important to choose what you wear, when your ‘side job”s being report and judged more often then your professionals

this is crazy, but this is true

well, in the end, fan’s going international, with her red carpet look effect

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