“Recapture your freedom which eloped with your youth’’

Dan Sullivan launched Irregular choice since 1999, he brings fun and individuality into his designs, as we can see, his shoes are still very ‘irregular’ and special in a way not only the color’s unusual, i believe it’s again, the mixture of different use of materials and the whole idea and feeling the pair of product delievers.

what rabbit likes most is about the name and the mixture gives out the feeling of fairy tales/ stories behind the shoes, i love designers give names to what they create, and for example, leaping lovely, it’s like any fairy tale character would have wear in forest, i surely love the feeling the ‘total’ of it gives out

as a fans for camper, i guess it has quite the similar feeling that, though the shoes look ‘strange’, i may need a try out to actually be ‘surprised’/ ‘disappointed’ whether they surely look fantastically good on a pair of legs,

never try, never know

you can check out more of irregular choice’s catalogue, you surely will be dazzled by oh-so-different designs

carol rocks

all pain no gain

yes charlie

sweet tatties

sweet as

stitched up


proper english gent

pricess peacock

power struggle

poetic licence pop star


leaping lovely

i’m in vegas

grace lace

fantasy flower

dance the night away

country girl


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